The night I became a pirate

Tonight it became known to me that a certain controversial political party had extended its arm to this country.

piratepartyOriginating in Sweden earlier this year, the Pirate Party are actively campaigning for changes in Copyright structure, Patent Laws and Freedom of Speech. The main goal is to allow the non-commercial sharing of digital content without crippling restrictions, otherwise known as DRM. Whilst doing this they want to make sure that the creators of the content get the fair payment they deserve, instead of it all feeding down the greedy rights holders, otherwise known as the record and film companies.

They also want to remove some of the unecessary patents on potentially life-saving drugs. As I wish to pursue a career in Pharmacy, I am strongly interested in this. I feel that it is our right as healthcare professionals to ensure that such drugs are accessible to those who need them – we shouldn’t control the distribution of drugs just based on the depth of the recepient’s wallet.

You can get more information, or sign up and become a member at the Pirate Party UK’s official website.

Before I go, I’ll just leave you with a quote from the bottom of their page:

“Outdated laws must change, and will change. The only question is when will we change them. Join our cause, and help make this change happen now!”


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