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Spotify Mobile now live!


Spotify on the App Store

As of now, Spotify Mobile is available for download from the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace for iPhone, iPod touch and all Android handsets.

Download of the software is free, but to use the application you are required to have a premium spotify account. Hopefully this will eventually change to only requiring premium for local downloads, as I feel being required to pay £9.99 a month is a bit too much considering how much I use Spotify. Fellow blogger David Gilson has written up a nice debate article about the pricing scheme on his blog.

Features include full access to all of Spotify’s library, streaming of said music, and also a nifty little feature that lets you download and store a playlist locally so you can listen to it even while offline. The app also live syncs any playlist additions or amendments.

So what are you waiting for? If you have an iPhone or Android device and a premium account on Spotify, this may well be your killer app!

Spotify have also just announced, on their blog, that they are developing the Mobile application for S60 devices. This is fantastic news for me, considering my next phone may be the Nokia E55. S60 demo video is embedded below:

If you’re still looking to get into Spotify, I have 5 invites remaining to give away, more details here.


Spotify Invites

NOTE: Anyone requesting an invite from the US may need to search for proxy solutions to get around the lack of availability there. Apologies to anyone affected and good luck – it’s worth it!

As it has been quite a while since I’ve needed to use Spotify (thank you Leeds Festival, for providing me with new musical tastes), I haven’t been aware that I actually have 5 invites to give away.

If you want to sign up to the service using one of the invites then drop an email to kingbeaneq [at] yahoo [dot] com. Invites will be given out at a first come, first serve basis, and this post will be updated when there are no longer any to issue out.

Regular posts will be returning soon, I’m just really busy at the moment preparing for life at University!