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Are we seeing the return of Horse Armour?

The date is April 3, 2006; Bethesda have released some new Xbox 360 Downloadable Content for their latest best-selling title in the Elder Scrolls series: Oblivion. Only it’s not as exciting as you may think – the content in question? A now infamous little “mod” called Horse Armour.

“What does it add?” I hear you asking in wonder.

In 8 words, It’s a couple of new textures. For your horse.


“Oh, that’s alright, I suppose. I’m guessing it’s free then?”

Well, see for yourself!


200 Microsoft Points (roughly £1.50, although you can’t really tell because of Microsoft’s stupid Points system), for a couple of textures that have no other effect in-game other than aesthetically. That screengrab has just been taken, so Bethesda haven’t even bothered to make this DLC gratis, even after 3 years! There’s not been many debacles like this on the Marketplace since, and that can only be a good thing, right?

Well, I’m a pretty big fan of the RPG genre, I’m not stuck to liking JRPG but I consider them to be one of my favourites (Final Fantasy X, in my opinion, is one of the five greatest games ever made)

Over a week ago I ordered Tales of Vesperia (despite it taking just over a week to actually get to my house – cheers, Tesco!). It’s a solid title in its own right, but I was wondering if it had followed the same vein as (another Bethesda title) Fallout 3, drip-feeding DLC expansions for players who wanted something fresh to do in the game. So I decided to take a look on the Marketplace, where I promptly had my retinas burned in bewilderment:


There are 35 of such DLC, all of which contain this handy message in the “More Details” tab:


Oh, well thanks for that. I could spend (I have worked out) 6,000 Microsoft Points (roughly £51.00! ) on items for my game, or I could just, y’know, fucking play the game and earn them that way, for free.

I truly don’t feel sorry for anyone who had the stupidity to throw away money on these pointless downloads.