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New Cadbury’s Ad Raises Some Eyebrows

The other day, I saw the new Cadbury’s chocolate ad after something I was watching on TV.

oh. my. god.

I really don’t think I’ve seen anything more messed up this year (so far, mind). I mean, the ones with the Gorilla were random but I thought the Phil Collins one was pretty cool – and don’t get me started on the godawful plane baggage carriers driving to Queen (seriously – WTF?)


But I really think they outdid themselves with this:


Now, if I was a parent watching some TV with my kids in the room, and this advert came on, I’d check they weren’t eating any chocolate, interrogate them on any chocolate-eating that had taken place that day, and forcefully ban them from eating it ever again. What are they trying to prove with this ad? That all the E-Numbers in the chocolate really do f**k up our children (I mean, speaking of the Gorilla ads, that girl looks a bit ape-like…)?


Cadbury’s, please put some thought into it next time. Adverts piss me off anyway, but when this catches my attention, it really takes the Finger