Wow, think I’ll start using Genius more often!

When Apple issued the iTunes 8 update to coincide with the iPhone 2.1 software and new iPod range, they included a feature called Genius.

Now, at first I thought “oh, sounds quite cool.” and i first tried it out with some of my favourite songs, only to find out that it “couldn’t find any songs” that were similar, or some such tripe. Also, when i first got it it was when we had our old PC, with a paltry 512MB of RAM, so having it enabled was crippling the system a little bit. So I disabled it, and totally forgot about it, even when we upgraded to a better PC.

Tonight, however, I decided to stick some Pearl Jam on and “chill out”. When Even Flow came up on my Now Playing, I spontaneously got the urge to click the Genius button – against the voices in my head screaming not to, after what happened last time (I didn’t even know I had the Ting Tings and Kate Nash and Duffy on my Library! Stupid brother…)

But Lo! It decided to grace me with…

And I think you’ll agree, that’s some pretty damn fine playlisting. Nice one Genius, tonight you earn Respect +1. Now let’s hope that when I try you on Ego Brain by System of a Down, you don’t churn out some warbling, Brit Award c**t-faced attempt at music. Should be unlikely as I have hopefully cleansed my HDD of the filth…


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