The Daily Fail Strike Again

Every day, there is one way to guarantee that the rest of your morning will be spent pissed off, or utterly flummoxed at the new lows some people will stoop to. The people concerned are the journalists and publishers of the Daily Mail, and once again they’ve astounded me at the utter lunacy of the things they’ll actually waste precious time on reporting about, for the displeasure of the rest of the nation.

Chris Moyles, Radio 1 DJ and genuinely funny guy – the antithesis to all things Daily Fail, was reported to have been in trouble with his BBC bosses after they recieved a whopping FIVE complaints about a joke he made on his radio show regarding Will Young’s birthday:

“He also joked about Will, celebrating the singer’s birthday by singing
to the tune of his song Evergreen in a camp voice. He warbled: “It’s my
birthday, gonna wear my new dress tonight.”

If you’re wondering what other ‘joke’ he said, he mentioned something about everyone who appears on “Who Do You Think You Are?”, a documentary where celebrities look into their family tree, ends up visiting Auschwitz at some point:

“Unlike a lot of the Who Do You Think You Are? shows I didn’t go to
Auschwitz … pretty much everybody goes there, whether or not they’re
Jewish… they always kind of end up there, you know, if they just pass
through on their way to Florida or something.”

unsurprisingly he recieved no complaints about this, because it’s not a joke, it’s an off-hand comment with no offence in it whatsoever. But I’d really like to speak to the moron who thinks that recieving FIVE complaints about some small joke is worth the time and effort to publish in a paper and get us all ridiculously pissed off about it.

You wonder why people think we’re a load of moaners, and we wonder why the UK’s going down the shit. I’m going to buy the Daily Mail tomorrow, just so that I can take pleasure in burning it.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by pokeh on January 22, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    “I’m going to buy the Daily Mail tomorrow, just so that I can take pleasure in burning it.”

    Film/Pics please. :p


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